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Can my company still apply for China Group Visas if MOU is not signed?
What are the procedures/ guidelines if my company wishes to sign the MOU?
What is the purpose of the Membership Privilege Card?
How many Membership Privilege Card will be issued to my company?
I am interested to participate in NATAS Familiarisation Visits / Site Visits. How can I join?
How do I make payment via Paynow?
Is Credit Card payment accepted?
What are the types of membership?
Can I join NATAS once I received my Travel Agent licence?
How long is the application process?
How does NATAS facilitate complaints from consumer?
Is NATAS a government affiliated organization?
Does NATAS provide any goods and services to consumers? I.e. Travel packages and Flight Tickets
Does NATAS have their own newsletter?
How frequent is Travnews published?